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The Sofa Blog

December 23, 2022

Lets build your new sofa!

Here at Urbanism, we have access to multiple sofa manufacturers. Let us guide you through the process of finding your dream sofa or sectional.

First, you will pick your style. We have a wide array of floor samples for you to test out or you can bring us a picture of your idea and we can help find it.

Next, choose a fabric. There are THOUSANDS! We have the fabric you are looking for. We allow you to "check out" samples to take home and see how it looks in your house.

After that, you will need to choose your fill. We have all of the options available to sit on in the showroom. Find the combination that feels best to you.

Last, you can choose a finish option for your base or legs. Black and natural are the most common but we can do it all!

Don't stop there! Need some matching chairs? Maybe a new coffee table to go with your new sofa?